Thursday, 15 December 2011

BLOG NEWS:House of Mouse

Although I was going to wait until after the advent calendar has finished, you have been asking about my outfis and who my wardrobe has been supplied by. ...the Saville Row of Mousedom.

Well I did post comment a few days ago as a thank you for use of pics rather than an advert. If uninterested don't follow the link, but you may want a stocking filler.

Lab Meeting between MouseDoctor and Prof.B. I think MouseDoc was saying too much Christmas Cheer

The mice are handmade by Naoimi and Anna in the UK & NL by THE HOUSE OF MOUSE

CoI. Team G recieve nothing from this, except the fun that these little beasts provide us......and hopefully you.


  1. I absolutely love the mice and check the blog every day to see who is revealed on your Advent calendar! I notice that the House of Mouse also makes hedgehogs. Will they be making an appearance on the blog when Sonic hedgehog, hedgehog receptors and hedgehog pathways are discussed?

  2. I too love the mice! Fantastic find and brings some fun to the blog :o) Brightens up my day, thanks!


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