Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Google Reader

My Google Reader on my android phone has not updated since 1st December.
Any Ideas of a solution....or is it just bin Google reader?.


  1. It has to be because some blog setting has changed. All my other subscriptions are updated.

  2. I hate to say this because I think they're cute, but I wonder if the problem has something to do with advent mouse posts. The first one came through on Google Reader, but it seemed to choke at the second one. Also, if you scroll backwards though the posts on the site from the home page use the "older posts" link, the last post on almost every page is one of the advent calendar posts, even if the post is all by itself. Maybe something got copied and pasted that shouldn't have been? Or it might be that the beginning of the post names are too similar for too long (maybe put the number at the beginning) and GR can't tell the diff. Yes, maybe the URL for advent posts is somehow a problem. The first advent post came through on GR with whereas the typical one ends with the name of the post (

    Just guessing.

  3. Yes you maybe right, I now have changed the titles on them all.

    I posted December 15 by accident by mistake and deleted it but that went out on reader.

    Maybe I should delete them all but will wait until you it is finished before I do that

  4. Is there any chance that the blog feed settings have changed?

    This explains where they are set
    You can even set the comment feed to show full comments

  5. Changing the titles doesn't seem to have changed the URLs, which I think are the real problem (the 12/15 one is now linking to which just seems wrong). I wonder if you un-posted and re-posted all the advent poats if you could get them to have new URLs based on the new titles. Maybe that would get rid of the logjam.

  6. Perhaps I have to take that back. Now I suddenly got all the posts from this Google Reader one through the passive smoking one in Google Reader.

  7. Thanks for the Ideas they really helped in solving the problem


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